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Message from Jason

How fortunate and blessed I have been to turn my love of old cars into a career of helping others. Since graduating High School as a certified mechanic in 1982, I’ve learned so much along the way. Nearly 35 years later, I’ve had the privilege of being hired to inspect and appraise over 10,000 cars. I’ve learned to respect and appreciate the small, subtle details of the OCD craftsman that build really nice cars, while being able to identify the proverbial “pigs with lipstick”, rebuilt with a can of Krylon paint.

While I enjoy teaching others the art and science of honest inspecting, there is no replacement for the “hand’s-on” experience I have accumulated.   In a growing classic car market full of re-stamps and manipulation, certifying and authenticating “numbers matching” cars is becoming a lost art. I am grateful for the confidence of my long-term buyers and investors that routinely put me on a plane to sort out the details of their next potential purchase. Also, I owe a big thanks to Hagerty Classic Insurance. My 9 years with them as a sub-contract total loss adjuster showed me things I would have never learned otherwise. I have been able to take that knowledge into courtrooms across the country and testify as an expert witness in dozens of cases.

Lastly, I’ve been allowed to grow my career because of the constant support I have received from my faithful business partner and wife Debi. Without her commitment and support, I could have never achieved this dream.

Chris Swirtz

Chris Swirtz

Database Administrator

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