Customized Vehicle Inspection and Appraisal Products

Call us at  (810) 694-2008. We are a nationwide company and inspection services are mobile, unless otherwise stated. Travel charge of $65 per hour will be applied to the cost of selected service.

Our services encompass the needs of most customers. We can customize your experience by creating an auto inspection package that suits your vehicle and inspection/appraisal requirements. Please contact us if you need additional information about any of our services.

Our Most Popular Services

[detailed_panel title=”Standard Appraisals” icon=”fa fa-certificate”]Provided for Insurance coverage, Loan, Bankruptcy, Lease Turn-In, Estates, Divorce disputes, and more. Available for both Classic Cars and Late Model Vehicles. This is our most popular level of service, which we can tailor to meet your individual needs. Cost of service includes an on-site inspection for assessment of the vehicle’s condition, photo documentation, vehicle condition form (including verification of VIN and odometer reading), and a market valuation performed by one of our Certified Appraisers to determine your vehicle’s current value.[/detailed_panel]
[detailed_panel title=”Pre-Purchase” icon=”fa fa-certificate”]Before you purchase a vehicle remotely, make sure it is inspected and assessed by one of our knowledgeable inspectors. Have you already seen photos from the seller and think you know what you’re getting? THINK AGAIN! Most of our clients agree they did were not provided with an accurate depiction of the vehicle by the seller prior to our inspection. Cost of service includes 2+ hours on site, 80+ detailed/high resolution photos (including undercarriage), and a thorough written report to point out obvious flaws, bondo, etc. Test Drive included when permitted by the seller. Appraisal value can be included for an additional charge. [/detailed_panel]
[detailed_panel title=”Total Loss Appraisal” icon=”fa fa-certificate”]If you do not agree with the amount your insurance company has offered you for your totaled vehicle, you have the right to seek an independent appraisal. One of our Certified Appraisers will verify the prior-to-loss condition of your vehicle, and perform a market valuation help you get the settlement you deserve. Cost of service includes a vehicle history report (for late model cars), condition statement, and market valuation.[/detailed_panel]
[detailed_panel title=”Diminished Value” icon=”fa fa-certificate”]If your vehicle has been repaired after suffering a collision caused by another vehicle, you may be entitled to Diminishment of Value. Why? Because most consumers would never pay the same amount for a vehicle that has sustained substantial collision damage, regardless of the “quality” of repairs. One of our Certified Appraisers will perform a market valuation to determine the pre and post-loss value. Cost of service includes a vehicle history report (for late model cars), pre-loss condition assessment, and written Diminished Value appraisal.[/detailed_panel]
[detailed_panel title=”Arbitration” icon=”fa fa-certificate”]Should you require representation to resolve your Total Loss or Diminished Value dispute against your insurance company, your Appraiser will handle all negotiations and possible representation through the Umpire process.  Representation is typically only available for 1st party disputes (per insurance regulations).[/detailed_panel]

Cancellation Policy and other Items of Note

Some services may not be available in all areas; please call or email us for confirmation. Heavy-duty/RVs as well as exotic/customized/modified vehicles are subject to additional costs for research and valuation – please call for a quote.

Once our services have been engaged and a new file has been established, services that are cancelled for any reason are completely non-refundable.

Still Have Questions? We’d Love to Hear From You!

For more details regarding our services and to obtain a firm quote for service, find our contact information here

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