Customized auto appraisal offerings

We are nationwide and appraisal services are mobile, unless otherwise stated. The cost of travel is an additional $65/hr round-trip.

Our services encompass the needs of most customers. We can customize your experience by creating an auto inspection package that suits your needs. Please contact us if you need additional information about any of our services.

Our Most Popular Services

Photos Only - $95.00

Photos typically received 24-48 hours from inspection. On-site visit, VIN/odometer reading, and 40+ high-quality photos (some services available online)

Appraisals - $195.00

Insurance, Loan, Bankruptcy, Lease Turn-In, Divorce, and more. On-site inspection, 40+ high-quality photos, vehicle condition form (including VIN/odometer reading), Certified Appraisal Value (Market Researched – required for all Financial Institutions, Agreed Value Insurance Policies, Legal Situations)

Diminished Value / Total Loss - $300.00

Diminished Value Appraisal or Total Loss Appraisal. On-site inspection, 40+ photos, vehicle condition form (including VIN/odometer reading), Certified Market Appraisal for purpose of Diminished Value / Total Loss, vehicle history check

Additional Expert Services

Arbitration - $295.00+

Negotiations to resolve Diminished Value / Total Loss claims for the highest settlement possible. 1st party disputes only.

Claim Estimate - $295.00

Physical Inspection to determine the cost of repairs. If vehicle is considered a Total Loss then we will place ACV (Actual Cash Value) prior to the accident. Salvage Bids available upon request for an additional fee.

Pre-Purchase - $495.00

In-depth 2-3 hour inspection, 100+ photos (includes underbody), filler / Bondo / previous poor repairs, detailed report, and test drive.

Expert Witness Testimony

Curriculum Vitae available upon request, Jason Phillips – Court Expert Witness. Ideal and effective in legal matters; speak with our experienced staff to discuss this service in detail, specific to your situation.

Umpire / Mediation

Jason Phillips (Chief Appraiser) is a well-respected and impartial umpire.  He has been court appointed due to his experience and neutrality.

Send the Expert

Specialty service to send certified mechanic and appraiser with 26 years of experience. Jason Phillips will inspect and comment on a vehicle – including a personal conversation, video report, with 100+ high-quality photos.

À la carte Services

Magnet Test - $75.00

Video (short) - $75.00

Numbers Gathering - $250.00

Consultations - $95.00+

Legal Mumbo Jumbo

Some services only available in limited areas, if in doubt please call or email us. Travel costs are not included in the prices listed above. Heavy-duty/RVs/specialty as well as exotic/customized/modified vehicles are subject to additional costs for research and valuation – please call for quote. Any file that is cancelled will incur a fee of $125.00. Any inspections cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment are completely non-refundable.

Still Have Questions?

You can always get more information by emailing or calling us – find our contact information here

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